Financial Experts Are Never Right 100% of the Time, So What Can You Do? Truly Diversify

There are a lot of myths about legendary financial advisers who boost their clients’ income. While some financial advisers may indeed create fortunes for their clients, they are few and far between than most people think. In the real world of nonfiction, most financial experts lack either the ingenuity or motivation to do anything more than gets their clients modest returns on investments.

If a broker or financial manager tells you to buy something, then immediately let them know you will buy or have as much as they are buying. If the amount is zero, then won’t that raise a flag or two in your mind? A common joke around most water coolers in offices around America is that the purpose of a broker is to help you go broke, but I digress.

Doesn’t it make sense that you’re the person who knows the real worth of your hard-earned money.  Doesn’t it naturally follow that you should have the freedom to participate in how you will construct your retirement nest. Why just blindly outsource the most important choices about your retirement to an outside company? Isn’t it time you also mind your own business or funds more closely? Quite frankly, most financial institutions are more concerned about the profit margins, selling you something and making commissions whether the value of what you purchase goes up or down. Remember when you put your money at risk in a casino usually the only person who generally profits is the casino, again ask Trump. His casinos profit whether you win or lose - while gambling your money away.

Diversify Beyond the Wall Street Casino and Consider Also Main Street

When you arrange to get a truly self directed IRA (which is also called a self directed IRA LLC), you can essentially hire yourself to play part of the investment strategist role. Not only are you able to hire a broker if you want to and invest in the traditional investment pool, but also you can truly diversify some of your IRA dollars onto Main Street. You do this because of the unique opportunity allotted by the self directed IRA LLC.

How a Standard IRA Really Works

A standard IRA predisposes you whether you are aware of it or not to function in a limited way.  Thus, it affects your true ability to diversify. Since you have handed over your money to the financial experts, you have to get approval for any investments that you like. In other words, you need your broker or custodian to grant you permission to take an action as to when and where you can place your on own funds. In addition, in most cases you are corralled into thinking you only have access to a limited investment pool. You cannot invest outside what you are approved to invest in, even if you have considerable expertise in that type of investment asset class allowable for an IRA. Consider the following example.

Learn to Earn More

In essence, the standard IRA is only for people who have no idea how to invest or who are unwilling to learn how to be investors. Frankly, with so many investment courses available, just about anybody can learn to manage their own funds.

If you choose to allow a financial institution to runaway your IRA, the process of operating the account can be frustrating, especially if you want out of their corral of investment options. You will have to move through the custodian’s bureaucratic process whenever you want to contribute an investment idea to your IRA account. You will also have to incur nickel-and-dime fees that add up quickly for using up your custodian’s time.

So, if you have investment skills already, based on what you have learned over the years, or you are willing to study investment courses, then what kind of IRA vehicle should you have?

I recommend you get a true self directed IRA, otherwise often recognized as a checkbook IRA or IRA LLC. In many ways, it outstrips the average and commonplace IRA, even those that are supposedly “self directed.”


A truly self directed IRA is one IRA that gives you, the IRA owner, checkbook writing privileges. Checkbook control means you are in charge of your money. Checkbook management gives you, the IRA account holder, complete freedom to determine what, where, when, how, and why to invest your money. It gives you the power to take a position on what happens to your money. You are now free to enter the investment world of shares, bonds, tax liens, real estate, silver, gold, loans, structured settlements, etc. You’ll have the wonderful opportunity to select your investment from a wide spectrum of options. Generally speaking, the only limitation is that you still have to stay within the IRS rules for IRAs and thus avoid prohibited transactions. Download our free guide to get informed about all of your options, learn more and determine if the IRA LLC structure is right for you.

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