Making a 401K to IRA Switch? What’s the ideal timeline?

There are many people these days making a 401K to IRA switch, especially into a real estate IRA. Many like the flexibility that a real estate IRA offers and like the fact that, in some cases, they can make the 401K to IRA switch even before they leave a specific job. However, just as with anything else, time is often of the essence and a timeline that is ideal is usually highly sought after.

Timeline Versus Deadline

The first thing to know about making a 401K to IRA switch is that a rollover comes with a deadline, but that differs from a timeline. The deadline is the time that you have to rollover a 401K once you switch jobs. This is a 60-day window in which you must have your rollover in the works., but, this is not the overall timeline.

The timeline that you can expect for completion of your 401K rollover will depend on a few factors. Some of these you will not have any control over, but some you will and those are the factors to look at.

Within Your Control

Whenever you want to execute a 401K to IRA switch, you can help expedite the process. The first thing to do is see if all the assets in your 401K can be transferred as is or if you will have to liquidate some or all of the assets as they will not be transferable. Whenever this is the case you will have time issues to deal with. Settlement dates come into play and the sooner you liquidate what must be liquidated, the sooner the transactions will settle and leave you with a 401K that is then ready for the rollover.

Another factor you can control is the rollover service that you use. The right service will be able to help you determine such things as what can and can’t be transferred. They will also know other tricks of the trade that will help you expedite the 401K to IRA switch. In addition, they can help you with the added intricacies of a real estate IRA rollover if that is your desire.

Know Your Options

A 401K to IRA switch might be imminent for you. While it might be a time where you feel a bit apprehensive, you can alleviate a lot of the worry by simply learning about all your options. While you may not know all the ins and outs to facilitate the switch on your own properly, there rollover specialists who understand this process completely. Finding a quality rollover service to work with might be the best thing you can do to get that timeline down to one that is manageable and acceptable for you.

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