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Partner With Your IRA Today…

At TSD-IRA, we structure your self directed IRA so that you obtain absolute checkbook control over your retirement funds. This provides you the IRA holder with several unique benefits not provided by the Self Directed IRA Custodian alone.

We will structure your Self Directed IRA and show you how to get total control over your retirement money so that you can invest. We set up a special business structure called an IRA-LLC.

Think of the possibilities available to you if you had control over the:

A traditional Self Directed IRA account without checkbook control does not provide you the wide range of flexibility needed to move on opportunities quickly. With a Traditional Self Directed IRA, it requires you to get permission and have someone else sign off on all investments you want to make.

If you are ready to be in control of your retirement, then you need the TSD-IRA. Contact us right now and also receive a free ebook!

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