Recent Unfair Self Directed IRA Media Criticism “Out Of Balance” According To TSD-IRA

Self directed IRA specialists at TSD-IRA, speak out on the benefits of self directed IRA accounts after recent “unjustified” media criticism for the retirement vehicle.

Austin, TX — May 1st, 2012 — A self directed IRA is a retirement account that enables the account holders to pursue other forms of investments, including real estate, gold, oil, gas and private business placements. Under a traditional, non-self directed IRA, the holder does not have such options. As a result, with a self directed IRA, you can “diversify your retirement and add real estate,” according to TSD-IRA, specialists who specialize in setting up self directed IRA accounts.

Such self directed IRAs have been subject to negative media attention recently. This is because a number of individuals have reportedly lost money as a result of poor investment choices they made with alleged unscrupulous investment promoters.

TSD-IRA believes that recent IRA media criticism is unjustified and out of balance. According to the self directed IRA specialists, people who lost money did so because of poorly researched investment decisions they made with their own IRA account; not as a direct result of the IRA account itself.

“Poorly researched investments lead to poorly informed investment decisions. They are not the fault of an IRA account itself,” said a company spokesperson. “If an investor does not bother to look into the investment itself prior to making it, then it is not the IRA’s fault or the custodian for the self directed IRA. It might just be a bad investment. But, the IRA account itself is not the scam.”

TSD-IRA affirms that responsibility for any and all investment decisions lies with the account holder and not the IRA custodian.

“IRAs aren’t risky in and of themselves, but the investments in an IRA most definitely can be, especially if the investment are also considered by the IRS as prohibited transactions. Investing is risky whether you have a self directed IRA or not. The bottom line is that when your money is invested, it is at risk, when it sits idle it is only at risk to inflation. There is no such thing as safe or guaranteed investment in the first place.”  If you are told that an investment is guaranteed, be leery.  “The best way to mitigate your risk, is to research what you are investing in,” says TSD-IRA Specialist.

Many people are likely to share the sentiments of TSD-IRA, due to the level of control that self directed IRA account holders are empowered with. Significant amounts of money can be saved as a result of cutting out onerous custodial fees and bureaucratic red tape, and adding to that the checkbook writing privileges gained by being truly self directed.

TSD-IRA believes that, when used correctly, a self directed IRA can “offer significant control & flexibility, and truly diversify your IRA.”

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TSD-IRA are self directed IRA specialists. The company structures self directed IRAs to enable the account holder to obtain absolute checkbook control over their retirement funds.

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