Take Control of your IRA - Truly Self Direct Your IRA Retirement Funds & Buy Real Estate

With a Truly Self Directed IRA, there are no more waiting periods, no more paperwork, no more custodial intervention. Investing is as simple as writing a check from your IRA account!

  • Buy Real Estate, Tax Liens, Financial Paper, Discounted Notes, Invest in a Business, and Make Private Loans without Custodial Interference!
  • Simply write a check for the type of investment you are comfortable with.
  • Purchase Foreign Real Estate
  • Make a down payment on an investment property.
  • Grow your retirement in the direction “you” choose without the hassles of the custodian.
  • Partner with other investors including your Roth IRA or Private funds and Grow Your Personal Wealth Tax Deferred and even TAX FREE!
  • The sky is the limit... Call us now toll free 877-339-4559 and learn more!

Benefits of a Truly Self-Directed IRA (TSD-IRA):

  • Self Directed IRA Checkbook Control: You are the signer on the checks; no need to get the custodian involved or ask for permission when you use the Self Directed IRA LLC aka IRA LLC to purchase real estate assets. Once the IRA LLC account is set up you will have a checkbook, debit card and everything that comes along with a business checking account. Simply write a check to make an investment, pay expenses or take care of business without paying more fees or dealing with custodian red tape.
  • Limited Custodial Participation - A Truly Self-directed IRA account minimizes the custodians' administrative participation; as a result, the self-directed IRA holder doesn't pay additional transactional, special, asset based or holding fees.
  • Reduced IRA Custodian Fees: You will no longer have to pay a transactional fee for each check you need for your investment. Annual custodial fees are a flat $92 the lowest custodial fee in the industry.
  • Absolute Decision Making Power: You make the investment decisions. No need to ask anyone for permission. You are the decision maker with the Self Directed IRA LLC.
  • IRA Asset Protection: Asset Protection of your Self Directed IRA from Creditors and Litigators with the proper IRA – LLC structure
  • Diversify Your IRA Investment Choices: Invest your IRA in Real Estate, tax liens, tax deeds, stocks, options - the sky is the limit with the Self Directed IRA LLC. Reduce risk and increase profits for your retirement.
  • Tax Deferred wealth accrual and go tax free with Self Directed Roth IRA. Ask about partnering your IRA accounts to grow your IRA portfolio tax deferred and tax free.
  • The ability to partner with your IRA(s) – Partner with your IRA-LLC either yourself personally or with your Roth IRA. Call us for more details.

Realize Tax Deferred and Tax Free Gains Today… Call a Truly Self Directed IRA Advisor at….1-877-339-4559

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Why Choose a Truly Self Directed IRA (TSD-IRA)?

1. Experienced Tax Attorneys

2. Absolutely the Lowest Custodial Fees

3. Checkbook Control

4. No Custodial Intervention

5. Self Directed IRA Experts

6. Quick turn-around

7. Superb follow up and customer service

8. Save $1000s off traditional set up charges

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