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          Its main products are medicine intermediates like: 2,2'-Dinitrodibennzyl, 1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboximide ... Date:
          1-nitro-2-[2-(2-nitrophenyl)ethyl]be ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformimde
        3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane HCL
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformic Anhydride
        N-Amino-3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboxylic ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformamide
        2-Bromo-6-formamide Cyclohexa ...
        2-formamide Cycolhexanone
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        Production capacity of 300t / a imide technological renovation construction project completion and acceptance will     2012-09-05
                On September 5, 2012 anhui jinding fine medicine company organization experts, to imide shop some original dangerous process technical improvement is a dangerous process, improve safety. In the technical improvement completion acceptance conference, city safety supervision bureau, county administration of work safety supervision and the branch office, my company has the standing deputy general manager LiXinShan and EHS management department manager HuangRenSheng and the production manager in HeBaoJun attend the meeting, and in general meeting is 300 t/a imide technical construction project completion acceptance to report.


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