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          Its main products are medicine intermediates like: 2,2'-Dinitrodibennzyl, 1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboximide ... Date:
          1-nitro-2-[2-(2-nitrophenyl)ethyl]be ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformimde
        3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane HCL
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformic Anhydride
        N-Amino-3-Azabicycio[3.3.0]Octane ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Dicarboxylic ...
        1,2-Cyclopentane Diformamide
        2-Bromo-6-formamide Cyclohexa ...
        2-formamide Cycolhexanone
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        I. Safety, health and environmental management:
        1. Safety production policy: Safety top, prevention first, comprehensive treatment
        2. Safety production objective: Zero accident
        3. Safety production action: Love children, cultivate children, look after children
        4. Safety production promise:
        (1). Carefully practicing national safety production policy, following national and local law, regulation, standard and requirement;
        (2). Establishing and improving safety production responsibility system, formulating production rules and regulations and operation specifications of the company and practice;
        (3). Enhancing educational training, increasing the health and safety sense of the whole;
        (4). Offering necessary labor, material and financial support to ensure the achievement of safety goal;
        (5). Implementing risk management, practicing potential safety hazard rectify and reform;
        (6). Regular safety test is required, practicing potential safety hazard rectify and reform;
        (7). Carrying out safety standardized management, establishing safety check-up system to increase safety management performance;
        (8). Encouraging right safety action;
        (9). Avoid accident and harm to employees to the largest extent.
        5. Safety production environmental protection:
        (1). Strict environmental protection three-level management system has brought into local network management;     (2). Promoting comprehensive clean production management, implement overall process monitoring and treatment;
        (3). Paying attention to the safety insurance and labor protection of the employees, protecting the surrounding environment
        The company has passed three-level safety standard, achieved standardization and normalization of various routine work.
        Insisting on 'people oriented', the company emphasizes on the business technology and safety education and training of the employees, constructs favorable safety culture atmosphere. Paying attention to on-the-job training and safety education, strictly complying with regulations and operation instructions.
        II. Internal management:
        The company actively promotes fining management, it has established modern, standard, scientific management and control system. With the expansion of business scale, the company persists in organizational system reform, improves the organization and internal post. All the posts have drawn up clear working standard and strict assessment system. Meanwhile, the company has established management standard system, and basically realized the process of work. At present, the company has set up complete technical standard, working standard and management standard system based on enterprise management standardization, which can effectively increase the operating efficiency and reduce operating cost. Mature internal management system guarantees the consolidation of the company as well as increases core competitiveness.

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